Industrial Real Estate

Municipal Review

The municipal review of industrial properties has been our major field of activities for over 20 years.


We are among the only ones to offer a complete service for the whole province of Quebec (from the first visit to the testimony and finally, to the tribunal).

Our program follows four steps:

  • Brief diagnostic
  • Negotiation with municipal authorities
  • Complete reports
  • Testimony to the Tribunal Administratif du Québec (T.A.Q.)

Also, we propose a proactive approach prior to the construction of an industrial building, which will result in a tax economy during the entire life of the building.

Do you know…
That rules and laws have been changed during the last decade. Several municipal assessors may not have reviewed evaluation files properly, which may result in an overestimated assessment by as much as 35% for a large number of industrial properties.

Urgent and Important
You have up to April 30 of the first year of the present roll to register a justifiable review form. If you have a manufacturing building and own or lease the property, you should register a justifiable review form.

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